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Welcome to the Fun Money Habits Podcast

Shift your money mindset with biblical principles and transform your relationship with money

Whether you have no money or a lot of it, your poor relationship with money will prevent you from earning more, spend it without guilt, and steward money wisely. You cannot go to the next level financially if you believe that money is evil and building wealth is bad.

What if I told you that earning, spending and managing money can be fun and easy? 


That you can earn more and steward your personal finances wisely while seeking God first and relying on Him each step of the way.


Listen to the Fun Money Habits podcast! 

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Iheart, Podcast Addict and many of your favourite podcast players. Simply search for "FUN MONEY HABITS"



> This podcast is all about Biblical Money mindset and financial stewardship for women Christian entrepreneurs who want to keep God first and become financially confident.

> Do you want to let go of your poverty and scarcity money mindset with biblical principles?


> Are you a FAITH FILLED female entrepreneur who wants to make a bigger impact, earn more without fear and honour God?


> Are you tired of doubting yourself and feeling like an imposter?​


> Are you wondering if you will ever feel confident selling, managing and earning money?​


> Are you tired of procrastinating when you know what to do to move you forward in your business?


> Do you feel like you tried everything but cannot see any progress with your finances?​


> Would you like to build up your savings and crush your debt while enjoying life?


If you answer “Yes,” you are in the right place. 

Welcome to the Fun Money Habits podcast! 


I’m Raina, Christian Money Mindset and Fun habits coach. 

Let’s talk about money from a Biblical perspective and learn what the Bible says about it so we can steward money well and let go of our money blocks with the word of God. 


God taught me The V.I.P Financial method which changed my life and clients’ life. This method is more than money management, it is a lifestyle change where you abide in Christ, earn confidently, live debt-free and steward money wisely while having fun.


This method helped my husband and I shift my money mindset, pay off 250k in 5 years and save over 6 figures while giving and enjoying life.

Are you ready to uncover the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits that are keeping you stuck financially so you can:

- Change your heart posture with God’s words

- Simplify your personal finances to make it fun

- Earn more money confidently

- Make an impact

- Reach your personal financial goals faster…

...ALL while keeping your heart on Jesus?


Open your bible, surrender your plan to His will and let us study God’s words.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me inside our private Fun Money Habits FB group JOIN HERE or send me a DM at @christianmoney mindset, DM ME HERE.

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