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Discover your money blocks

Learn how to identify the invisible barriers that are keeping you from reaching your money goals as a christian female entrepreneur

Here's what you'll learn:

Hello, I am Raina.

I am a Christian Money Mindset and Fun Money Habits coach, also known as The Fun Money Coach.

I began coaching Christian female entrepreneurs to help them break free from fear and scarcity surrounding money with biblical principles so they could feel empowered to earn more, sell, and steward money wisely while keeping their hearts on Jesus.

My goal is to help them cultivate a deeper relationship with God, prioritize Him above all else, and step into their calling without being stopped by money mindset blocks and unnecessary drama.

Once you move past your money blocks, you can serve your clients with excellence and make a greater impact without allowing money to become an idol in your life.

Let's do this!

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This training is for you if:

  • You are consumed by self-doubt.

  • You freeze on a sales call.

  • You underprice your services.

  • Money is a constant source of worry.

  • You earn more but you feel broke.

  • You feel guilty spending money.

  • You don't feel confident selling your products.

Discover your money blocks

In this quick 30 minutes training, I'll show you exactly how

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