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Tracking your business finances doesn't have to be daunting.

It is time to do it the FUN WAY!

You love running your business but managing your money feels like a chore!


  • You want to be able to track money in/money out more simply 

  • You just want to see how much you need to save for taxes

  • You just want to feel in control and organised

The 'Fun Money Tracker' can help you do that and so much more

. It can help you...


  • Separate your money with ease

  • Take the stress away at tax time

  • Know what to do with your money with only one click

  • Make a profit and get paid for your amazing work


Organised your money.jpg

Fillable Excel Spreadsheet

Keep your business finances in order

with one easy-to-use Fun Money Tracker. Google sheet or Excel version available.


One click answers

Learn in only one click how much you need to save for taxes, will make as profit, will have in your cash reserves.

why do you need to separate your money.p

Video training

Step-by-step videos to explain how to use the Fun Money Tracker and shift your mindset to be financially confident.


Module 1: Why do you need to be organised...

  • Why do you need to separate your money?

  • When do you need to do it?


Module 2: Tracking like a Boss...

  • Download and copy the spreadsheet

  • What are 4 money habits of a successful CEO?

  • Watch a walkthrough video to get you tracking with ease

  • How can you separate your money with ease? 

  • How do you save for taxes as you go?

  • Where do you put your money?

Module 3: End of financial year...

  • How can you pay less tax by tracking the right expenses? 


Coach Anita [ Albania]  /   IG @ anitahendrieka

Coach Cici [UK]   /   IG @ coachedbycici

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 12.53.55

Hi Raina, Thank you SO much for providing me with the Fun Money Spreadsheet - it is a complete LIFESAVER!!

Until now, I had been trying to get my head around Quickbooks, but nothing seemed to make sense.


I simply wanted to be able to track money in/money out and see how much I needed to save for taxes, and your spreadsheet does that and so much more!


I've always had a good mindset with money, but I've never got into the habit of tracking it because it's always just been there with my 9-5.

Now that I am living my dream of working for myself, I wanted to take 100% responsibility for my finances and your spreadsheet helps me to do this.


Also, it was SO helpful that you did an example month for me

on the call, it meant I could jump straight in and get using it as soon as it arrived!!


Thank you so much for helping me manage my money in a way that feels GOOD!!

Love, CiCi xx The Lifestyle Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to purchase any tools to use this spreadsheet?...

No. The Fun Money tracker is available as both an Excel spreadsheet or  if you don't have Excel we have it available in Google sheets.


Will this work if I live outside of the US or NZ?...

Yes, I am teaching you the habit and the mindset you need to have to take responsibility for your finance and get organised. This same principles can be applied to any country. 


I am no good with spreadsheets, will this still work for me?...

Yes. The formulas are all created for you and the video training explains everything you need to know. This spreadsheet is a fill in the blank template for your finance. Simple and easy.


What is your refund policy?...

There is no refund for this unique spreadsheet as it is a digital download with video training lessons.

Hence why, I have created a teaser video to give you an idea of what it is and the key benefit of having it (Watch the video above title - Spreadsheet: take a look)

Meet your instructor!


Hi, I am Raina


I am excited that you are checking out the Fun Money Tracker, because my clients rave about the difference it made to their business. 

So, I would love for you to have this fantastic tool to help you separate your money and stay on top of your finances easily.


I am passionate about helping new female entrepreneurs like yourself, feel financially confident and organised without wasting time or your sanity.

My goal with this tracker is to help you learn the right money habits so you can feel in control, create solid foundations and have fun with money.

This will help you keep a profit, save for taxes and scale your business with ease.

Raina - Fun Money Habits

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