Are you ready to have fun with money?

....Managing your money made fun and easy....

Do you want to save more, pay off debts or start investing?

Are you having a hard time finding budgeting and money tips that stick?

As the Fun Money Coach, I have worked with many different women, but mostly young coaches / female entrepreneurs.

Like you, these women are brilliant, hard-working individuals who often feel overwhelmed with the idea of managing their money and getting ahead.

Do you find it hard to understand you numbers ?

As a result, they don’t know where to start nor where their money is going in their business and personal finances.

So they find it hard to save or invest.

What you need is  a  simple Money plan tailored for the lifestyle you want and create solid foundations so you can feel in control and financially Confident!

Are you ready to reach your goals while having fun!


If this sounds like you, I am here to help.

Imagine how different your life can look like in 3 months time!

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Don't wait grab your freebie and feel in control of your money today!

Bonjour (Hi), I'am Raina from Tahiti but living in New Zealand..

I have been debt-free and mortgage-free since 2018. Paid off $300,000 in 5 years with my husband on started on minimum wages while travelling, and eating a lot. 

In 2020,  we bought a brand new car cash all glory to God.

So I know a thing or two about managing and saving money while having fun!

I spend my money according to my values which are faith, family, fun, freedom and growth.

People say that my super power is to make managing money fun. 

I believe that you can reach your financial goals while enjoying your life today.

You don't have to give up on everything you love to get ahead.

With the right mindset, solid foundations and fun money habits, you can create the perfect plan for your money and give back.

Start saving money with fun and easy saving trackers and challenges


It's your time to take back control of your finances, get out of debt, invest and take a vacation.

 You only have to decide today, that is what you want to do!


Let go of the guilt and shame and start building confidence around money.

Do you have a scarcity mindset and wondering where it comes from?


Take a simple quiz to find out your money script and learn what you should do next to shift your money mindset

Are you ready to 

Shift your mindset,

Live debt-free,

Achieve your dreams?

What will you get working 1:1 with me?

  • Motivational and non-judgmental money coaching

  • A fun step-by-step plan to help you feel good about managing your finances

  • Learn skills and tools for life (paying off debt, saving with ease, spending mindfully etc.)

  • Identify your spending habits and triggers

  • Simple and actionable steps to help you crush your financial goals 

  • Create Fun Money Habits to build wealth and become a good steward

  • Get accountability and a long term solution for your finance

  • Build confidence around your money

You will go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to feeling Financial confident and in control so you can save more, pay off debts, and reach your money goals without sacrificing the things you love.

I can help you get ahead by creating a simple plan where your business and your personal finance work in harmony together.

Come with me and I will show you how to make managing money fun and simple!

Client's feedback

-Coach Anita Dykstra-


"Coach Raina made me change my mindset around money completely and told me to actually have fun tracking my expenses, which is something that I never in my life thought would be fun.


I couldn’t believe how easy she made it.

I used to think of tracking my money as a chore but now I have done a total 360 since meeting Raina.


I actually look forward to opening the spreadsheet every day and inputting my numbers. Thank you Raina!"

- Stay on top of your cashflow, pay yourself and keep a profit.

- With one click you get to know it all!

- Plug and play spreadsheet!

The Fun Money Tracker is perfect for coaches who want a simple tracking system which

gives all the information with one click  so they need to make good business decision.

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Let's create fun money habits, crush those debts,

and design the lifestyle you want.

Thank you for being here.

 I'm Raina, your Fun Money Coach.

My goal is to help take control of your finance by making managing your money FUN & EASY.

So you can start living your dream life and feel financially confident

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