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Are you ready to get ahead with your finances without giving up on the things you love?

Hi, my name is Raina, I am here to help change your relationship with money by creating smart money habits so you can get ahead and learn to spend it guilt-free.

After paying off $250000 in 5 years with my husband while travelling and still enjoying life, I am eager to show you that money can be fun and simple.


You are capable and good enough to have financial peace and freedom.

I am helping many beautiful women by

1: 1 on 1 coaching - V.I.P Financial Method 

2: Ebooks

3: Trackers and printables

4: Course

With the V.I.P (Value, Intention, Priority) finance method, you can optimize your finance to do more of what you love and let go of the guilt and stress.

Guilt-Free Spending is the number one course to show you how to change your spending habits and money mindset so you can get ahead fast and start your debt free journey with a bang!

Money can be fun and simple. 

This course will show you how to stop feeling guilty and stop self sabotaging your financial progress and start doing more of what you love.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed about your money? 


It is time to take control of your finance so that you can live your best life today.

Live with intention

Create smart money habits to  get ahead 

Save on purpose

Saving for the thing you love is more fun than ever

Crush Debt

Say ciao to your debts and

hello cashflow


Time to book a debt-free vacation and enjoy life

Imagine pdf.png

Money can be simple and fun!

10 habits that will transform your life! 

Are you using your money to build a beautiful future or are you self sabotaging your financial progress?

It is not what you make that matter but it is what you do with it that count.

Do more of what you love

by making your money work for you!

I am on a mission to help you transform your relationship with money by creating better money habits so you can accomplish your biggest money goals and travel.

Who said we need to wait till the 60's to have financial peace and freedom!




Smart Money habits for a debt-free life

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 Value-based spending | Intentional living  | Priority focused

The V.I.P financial Plan method is a game plan that helps you take back control of your finances and CRUSH YOUR MONEY GOALS.

Learn to make your money work for you so you can do more of what you love

It is time to feel happier and less stressed so you can live your BEST LIFE TODAY.

Do you want to do more of what you love without debts?