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Does this sound like you?

  1. You want to be better with your finances but don't know where to start!

  2. You know you should save or reduce your debts but you can't follow through with your money goals!

  3. You want to shift your money mindset so you can talk about money and your prices confidently!

  4. You are a new busy entrepreneur and you want to find an easy way to track your money and your taxes!

  5. You want to enjoy life today while still looking after your financial future!

  6. You have read blog posts, finance books but you are still struggling to implement and see results!


Imagine hitting your money goals because

  • You have a money routine you love

  • You pay yourself first and generate profit in your business

  • You have a solid financial foundation 

  • You have an automated money plan that supports your dream lifestyle

  • You manage money with confidence and ease

Change your mindset, Change your habits, Change your life

How amazing it would be to spend your money according to your values, live intentionally

and focus on your priorities.

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 Are you ready to stop struggling financially and

start building better money habits & wealth ? ​

Join the Money Savvy Confident Women program!

Managing money with a coach

Hi, I am Raina, the Fun Money Coach.

I am a christian, a travel addict [@cravingtotravel] and food lover.

I am from Tahiti but I am leaving in New Zealand (NZ) with my kiwi husband.

I was  working in the Tourism industry in Tahiti when I left my country for love. I moved to New Zealand with a suitcase and no job.  My move to NZ wasn't the dream fairytale I had in mind.

My husband's income at the time wasn't enough for both of us, and we were accumulating debts. 

Our dinner table was two cardboard boxes on the floor (one inside the other). I had to borrow cooking pots from the neighbour to cook for the week. We rented the fridge and the washing machine. No couch.

Being in a foreign country and not speaking the language very well was tough.

PLUS NZ is freezing, what on earth was a poor Tahitian girl doing here. Now I truly understand the quote: "Love is blind" ;)

But one night, I thought enough is enough, what can we do to take back control of our finances so that I can travel back to Tahiti to see my family again.

Once we decided that we will stop feeling sorry for the situation but look at what we could do with what we had, everything changed.

We created our first budget and the V.I.P financial method was born.

We learnt to be grateful for the little we had, focused on what we could do and took aligned actions to get where we wanted.

The debts, crappy job was just temporary. I knew we could do and be more and we needed to trust in God.

I am happy to say that I am debt and mortgage free.

We paid the mortgage in 5  years.  READ MORE

My debt-free journey, background in economy and accounting, failed business venture had equip me to now help you take back control of your finance while enjoying the journey. 

My mission is to make managing money fun and simple so new female entrepreneurs can be financially organised without spending hours doing it. It is time to create solid fondation to support your dream lifestyle while enjoying life today.

Remember we can't build a beautiful house or business on the sand.

    It's time to

  • Spend money without feeling guilty

  • Feel like the true CEO of your life and finances

  • Stop worrying about taxes, bills and unexpected expenses

  • Design the life you're dreamed of while making an impact

  • Plan and save for the future


Money Savvy

Confident Woman

A 7-week 1:1 coaching program to help you create solid financial foundations, shift your mindset, transform your relationship with money, build wealth and enjoy life.

Program details


1 x 90 min 1:1 coaching calls

6x 50min 1:1 coaching calls

Access to me over 7-weeks (MON - FRI during office hours)

Full workbook and templates

Extra Video trainings



5X 15 min accountability calls (you can use anytime during the program)

Beach Vacation

Clients' love

Raina is such a lovely woman who has delved into the world of money with me.

I had no idea how to make a budget or that I had a bad relationship with money until I found her. She has not only helped me develop a positive relationship with money and I am starting to enjoy saving!


I now have a plan of attack and every cent I make is worth something.

Raina has made me appreciate that every dollar and cent counts and that my savings actually go towards something meaningful. I can make my money work for me.

It isn't some evil thing that I succumb to every time I check my bank account.

I own it and I get to choose what I do with it.

I am eternally grateful for Raina and I can not recommend her kindness, expertise and non-judgmental self enough!

Lee-Ann McKenzie - Travel Blogger - NZ

Program main topics

The program will be tailored to suit your goals and priorities


WEEK 1: Define your visions and Why

WEEK 2: Identify your Money Story and personality

WEEK 3: Shift your mindset

WEEK 4: Understand your figures so your business can support your lifestyle

WEEK 5: Design the game plan (Based on the V.I.P* Financial Method)

WEEK 6: Create simple and fun Money Habits (negotiating, saving, spending...)

WEEK 7: Automate to fund your dream lifestyle (How much do you need for the future)

This program is for you if

  • You want to save money, pay off debt and spend on things you value all at the same time

  • You want to create fun and simple money habits to build your confidence and wealth

  • You need someone to keep you accountable so you make progress and hit your goals

  • You want to be financially organised so you are not throwing away your hard-earned money

  • You want to feel empowered knowing that you have a plan for financial well-being

This is NOT for you if

  1. You are not willing to put in the work required outside of our calls

  2. You only believe in Dave Ramsey's methodology (cash only method)

  3. You are not committed to do the work required after our coaching calls (2 hours a/w)

Your investment in 2020




2 X USD 450


3 X USD 300 




2 X USD 400




1x extra 60 min call available

1 month after the program end

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The V.I.P financial Method

My methodology and approach to money are not something you can find in a course or free printable.

The V.I.P Financial method is more than money. It is a way of life where you are grateful for what you have while working toward your dreams. You use your money in a way that feel good and help you reach your financial goals while having fun.

V.I.P stands for: Value based spending, Intentional living and Priority focused.

Through behavioural changes (habits) and practical money tips you will create a lifestyle you love within your means. Are you ready to live an abundant life debt-free?

Image by frank mckenna


  • Having a good night sleep knowing that your bills are taking care of

  • Visiting open homes because you have saved enough money for the deposit

  • Living overseas because you've created solid foundations in your personal finance 

  • Paying your last debt repayment and finally feeling free from that huge weight

  • Having money saved for your taxes before the due date

  • Giving to your favorite charities with a grateful heart

  • Spending more time doing what you love instead of worrying about money

  • Having a positive and good relationship with money

To make sure that we are the right fit, please schedule a call. 

I am looking forward to serving you and talking to you.

Start the new year with a plan for your money!

Sandy Beach

Clients' love

Before coming across the money management spreadsheet I had a basic understanding of what was coming in and out of my business but not in detail, and it certainly wasn’t fun to track my money.  

As soon as I came across Raina’s spreadsheet I fell in love.

I was able to use the sheet on Google sheets smoothly and without any problems.

She made me change my mindset around money completely and told me to actually have fun tracking my expenses, which is something that I never in my life thought would be fun.

I really feel like I have stepped up to becoming a CEO in my business.

I couldn’t believe how easy she made it.

I used to think of tracking my money as a chore but now I have done a total 360 since meeting Raina and I actually look forward to opening the spreadsheet every day and inputting my numbers.


The FUN money management spreadsheet has been life-changing for me,

thank you Raina!

-Anita Dykstra - Coach and Blogger -