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Are you ready to change your money mindset, identify your spending habits and finally take back control

so you can do more of what you love and crush those debts? 

Guilt-Free Spending course

Guilt-Free Spending is the number one course to show you how to change your mindset and spending habits. Money can be fun and simple.

This course will show you how to develop good money habits, take control of your finance with a spending plan and start using your money to create the life you dream of.


A rich life is gained by the lifestyle you choose to live, not by how much you earn.

It will simply transform your finances, mindset, live and relationship with money!



➡️ You find yourself saying  "I see it, I want it, I buy it, "I deserve it" which leads you to impulse buy

➡️ Debt is weighing you down and bills are piling up

➡️ You have a decent income but you are wondering where your money is going as you have nothing to show at the end of the month

➡️ You have big dreams but feel stuck and keep self-sabotaging your financial progress

➡️ You feel guilty when you spend money  and super stressed every time you check your bank account

➡️ You have a love and hate relationship with money, you want more but you keep pushing it away

➡️ You don't feel confident about money and let your emotions take over


Not everything you see in the Internet sometimes it's true. Let's be honest who has a great relationship with money? Well, I didn't but then I met Raina on Instagram. When I had the money I was sad and when I didn't, I was sad too. Because whenever I had the money I didn't know how to spend it and when I didn't have any money I was sad because I couldn't buy anything I wanted.
Raina helped me with budgeting and make a plan for my money.  She helped me keep a positive mindset and not focus on the money itself but rather to learn how to manage it without feeling sad. I still follow her and I believe she's being a great influence on my life. Plus she's a great person and has a good heart, also she's always available to listen to you and try to help you. Thank you Raina.
By Chantell


- Your guilt free journey start here -


➡️ MODULE 0: Introduction

Set yourself up for success

➡️ MODULE 1: The truth about money

We all know what we have to do with money but why don’t we do it?

Learn the real reasons you spend money the way you do. Create your bucket list.


➡️ MODULE 2: Impulse buying busted

Tired of always caving in to your emotions?

Learn the truth about impulse buying and understand your money personality

➡️ MODULE 3: Your inner critic

Learn to understand your relationship with money so you can stop the downward spiral of your inner critic

➡️ MODULE 4: Let’s face the music!

You know impulse buying is toxic to your goals and you want to ditch the guilt roller coaster ride.


➡️ MODULE 5: Spending audit! 

Learn where your money goes and create your categories so you can refocus your money on what really matters

➡️ MODULE 6: Stop self-sabotaging! 

Prepare for the unexpected and learn how to identify your triggers so you stop wasting time and money. 


➡️ MODULE 7: Spending guilt-free! 

Spending isn’t bad so learn to spend in a way that aligns with your values so you can reach your goals. By creating a spending plan you are starting to create your rich life.

➡️ MODULE 8: Freedom from shopping! 

It is time to learn tools to stop impulse buying and finally feel in control.


The goal of this course is to transform your relationship with money and give you the tool kit you need to stop impulse buying so you can SPEND GUILT FREE and without debts.

Not only that, the best part, is that you will learn how to make your money work for you

so you can do more of what you love.

This course is very unique and will give you a new perspective on how to manage your money.

Money can be fun and exciting and here you will learn how!


➡️ MODULE 9: Funding your dreams!

Learn to make your money work for you so you can do more of what you love


No printer needed, digital tailored worksheets to walk you through the content!

➡️ Creative ways to Find $500 in 30 days checklist 

Fantastic bonus


The Guilt-free Spending course - Special price


Price available in NZD, EUR, POUND, AUD


I have always struggled with saving. I tend to spend what I earn and don't have anything put aside for a rainy day. I have been following Raina on her Instagram @cravingtotravel for a while and seen how she manages to handle her finances so expertly. We have been exchanging DMs and she has been giving me advice on how to change my habits and not be so wasteful. In January I started a savings challenge that Raina set up. I was buying a coffee from Nero every day before work. The challenge was to break this habit. Raina made it fun by providing a tracker where I could cross off in pretty colours every day that I didn't but a coffee. This also enabled me to see how my savings were adding up. Raina was also available on DMs for support and to provide advice on how to make the challenge into a habit. By the end of the month, I had saved £98. I am continuing the challenge in Feb and hopefully, by the end of the year I will have managed to save £1000.

It is now May and I have save over £500 And I could not have done it without Raina.

By Kate


➡️ 10 Modules overflowing with content!

➡️ Over 2 hours and 20 recorded training videos tailored for busy women

➡️ Short videos training packed with value, so you can learn and take action straight away

➡️ Digital Tailored workbooks

The Guilt-free Spending course 


Price available in NZD, EUR, POUND, AUD

Guilt Free Spending Course summary

1- Start with your vision and your bucket list

2- Understand what is holding you back

3- Identify your spending habits and change your mindset

4- Create a plan to smash your goals


➡️ Get all the above plus

➡️ 1 week of Voxer access 

➡️ 1x 60 min coaching call where I teach you the V.I.P Financial Plan method

This is a personalised game plan that will change your finances and your life

The Guilt-free Spending course with VIP access

Crazy price  USD$300

Price available in NZD, EUR, POUND, AUD

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 3.23.48 PM.png

I can't wait to help you create smart money habits and transform your relationship with money, so you can do more of what you love and crush your financial goals.

Are you ready to let go of the guilt and finally have fun with your money 

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