My Mission

My mission is to show you that managing money can be simple and fun. You can get out of debt, save, live your best life within your means by creating better and fun money habits. 

My Vision

My Vision is to help career women and female entrepreneurs take back control of their finances.

I help them create a solid foundation so they can feel confident, become a good steward of their money, make an impact and, scale their business without fear or guilt.

I was born and raised in Tahiti but I am currently living in New Zealand. 

I grew up in a small village called Teahupoo. 

There are about 3000 people there, and life is not like it is in New Zealand, where I live now. 


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Indeed that was true for me when I moved to New Zealand to be with my husband,  as we started accumulating debts and we weren't in a good financial situation.  


I shared my story in an interview on my Instagram page.

Watch the 5 min video here


I prayed, dug deep, and found the solutions we needed to be debt-free and mortgage-free.

We created and followed our amazing V.I.P financial Method which has transformed my relationship with money. This method helped us create better money habits while having fun doing it.

The V.I.P financial method

V- Value-based spending | I- Intentional Living | P- Priority focuses

The V.I.P financial method is a way of life where you spend according to your values. You live your best life within your means by being intentional. Plus, you focus on what brings you joy by taking care of your priorities so that you can spend your money guilt-free.

I teach this V.I.P financial method within my one on one coaching programs

Fun Money habits 


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