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My Mission

My mission is to show Christian women that money is not evil and that manage your personal finances can be fun and easy when you have the right money mindset, good financial habits and have a deeper relationship with God by following his biblical principles.

It is time for women to let go of guilt and fear so they can feel confident by creating  and stick to a simple money plan they love  so they can reach their financial goals while enjoying life and focusing on Jesus.

My Vision

My Vision is to help Christian female entrepreneurs become financial organised and confident by making managing money fun and empowering so they can give more, earn more, save more and live debt-free.

Together with God, we will create a tailored plan to manage money God's way.  

The V.I.P financial method helps women steward their personal finances wisely, make an impact, and get ahead without sacrificing the things they love.



I was born and raised in Tahiti but I am currently living in New Zealand. 

I grew up in a small village called Teahupoo (picture in front my house). 


There are about 3000 people there, and life is not like it is in New Zealand, where I live now. 


I am a christian. I love spending time with my family and I love travelling and eating food. I just love God, life and having fun!


They say that necessity is the mother of invention.


Indeed that was true for me when I moved to New Zealand to be with my husband 80k in debt,  no job and because of me  we started accumulating more debts and we weren't in a good financial situation.  

Watch the 4 min video to find out more, click here.

Being stuck in New Zealand because of debts and not being able to go back to Tahiti to see my family or anywhere else for that matter was killing me.

I prayed, dug deep, and found the solutions we needed to be debt-free, enjoy life and pay off our mortgage.

We created and followed our amazing V.I.P financial Method which has transformed my relationship with money and my lifestyle.


This method helped us create better financial habits while having fun doing it.

This is how we become mortgage free in 5 years and travel overseas each year at least once for one month vacation, thank you God for all the blessings.

This method is how I make managing money fun with biblical principles so if you want to feel amazing about managing your money, take back control and honour God with your finances, let's have a chat. I would love to help you and work with you.

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          The V.I.P financial method          

V- Value-based spending | I- Intentional Living | P- Priority focuses

The V.I.P financial method is more than money is a lifestyle where you use your money to do more of what you love, you spend according to your values, you enjoy the "Now" while looking after your future and God's kingdom.


You feel free and confident, and managing money gets to be fun and easy.

You live your best life within your means by being intentional and being content in Christ.

I can't wait to share that methodology with you.



It is time to spend according to your values, living intentionally and take care of your priorities

Plus, when you focus on what brings you joy and take care of your priorities, you can spend your money totally guilt-free.

Through behavioural changes and practical money tips, you will change your habits, shift your mindset, and create a lifestyle you love within your means while glorifying God.

I teach this V.I.P financial method within my coaching programs

Financially Confident Sisterhood

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